Top 10 Holidays

Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Looking for the ideal beach holiday can be tricky given all of the options out there, which is why we wanted to create an overview of our top destinations for this year, so you can start to pick out the perfect holiday for you. With hundreds of amazing hotel offers across our top 10 countries, you will be sure to find the best possible package, regardless of whether you are a family after a stress-free all-inclusive deal or a couple that want that more boutique vibe.

1. Egypt

Egypt is a beach holiday destination like no other that merges a country with an unrivalled history with idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters. 

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh make for perfect family holidays with an offering that is suitable for all ages. Egypt is that holiday that allows you to relax by the pool one day, whilst getting out and exploring this trans-continental country that was a cradle of ancient civilisation on the next.

2. Algarve

The Algarve is a unique destination in Europe thanks to a combination of a warm Southern European climate and a dramatic coastline that has been carved out by the power of the Atlantic. 

The stunning beaches make for a truly special setting that can be found in few other spots across the globe. On top of this, the Algarve is home to a collection of stunning seaside towns such as Carvoeiro and Salema that are famed due to their traditional white homes that are so typical of the region.

3. Fuerteventura

If you are looking for a beach holiday in a truly different landscape, then Fuerteventura could be the perfect destination for you. The island has an otherworldly feel thanks to a volcanic landscape and rolling dunes that make their way down to the seafront. 

The sand dunes of Corralejo are more reminiscent of the Sahara than Spain and make for a spectacular backdrop to a beach holiday with a difference. Fuerteventura is also a water sports paradise with wind and kitesurfers being a particularly common sight along the island’s shores. If you are looking for an active beach holiday, look no further.

4. Jersey

Jersey is an increasingly popular destination for beach holidays with a more quaint feel. The beautiful channel island is famed for its combination of crystal white beaches and luscious green scenery. Despite the island only being 9 miles long, it feels considerably larger than it really is thanks to its varied coastline and winding lanes that are so typical of mainland Britain. 

When you add in a vibrant food scene with excellent local produce, you have all the makings of the perfect beach holiday for those who are looking for a destination that still remains relatively untouched by mass-tourism.

5. Turkey

Turkey is where east meets west. The country is a fascinating blend of cultures whilst also being home to some of the world’s finest beaches with some of the clearest water you will find anywhere in the Mediterranean. 

Turkey’s resorts offer incredible value in an idyllic location and with the option of exploring historic sites such as the Ephesus, and also heading out to explore isolated islands and have them all to yourself, you will leave Turkey with a longing to come back to experience more of this fascinating country.

6. Greeks Islands

The Greek Islands are renowned the world over for their pristine beaches, clear water and charming clifftop towns. From the glamour of of Mykonos to the dramatic setting of Zakynthos. 

Each island is home to its own unique character, offering visitors a different experience depending on what they are after.

7. Ibiza

Ibiza is the most iconic island in the mediterranean due to its world renowned party scene. The island is however so much more than just the clubbing scene. Ibiza is made of a secret coves allowing you to find peace and serenity, away from the crowds. The interior of Ibiza is often forgotten but has maintained a distinctly local feel with charming towns and markets. 

What really makes Ibiza special is the spectacular sunset that plays out every evening, transforming the sky into a deep orange that shimmers off the Mediterranean. The evening is when the island comes to life with stunning restaurants serving the freshest seafood on the shore, beach clubs with innovative cocktails and of course the clubs for those who want to see the best DJs in the world.

8. Italy

If you are after a holiday that combines picturesque towns, stunning food and effortless elegance, then Italy is the destination for you. 

From the Cinque Terre of Liguria to the dramatic Amalfi Coast to the south of Naples, Italy offers unrivalled beauty across its entire coastline and will keep you coming back year on year to discover the next hidden gem.

9. Majorca

The largest of Balearic Islands, Majorca has been a prime holiday destination for decades thanks to its collection of hidden coves and clear water. 

 It is an island of contrasts that has something for everyone with large resorts suitable for families that are looking to have everything taken care of to more boutique hotels for those looking for a quieter, more romantic vibe. 

Majorca is also famed for its food which combines traditional Spanish ingredients with exotic touches as a result of the island’s mixed cultural heritage.

10. Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that has flown under the radar for years and is only now emerging as a top holiday destination following the renaissance of neighbouring Croatia. 

Montenegro as a destination is stunning thanks to its steep mountains that slide towards a coast has become renowned for the clearness of its water. The stunning town of Perast that sits in the Bay of Kotor is a perfect example of what this amazing country has to offer with it beautiful renaissance architecture and a backdrop that is reminiscent of the best of the Italian lakes. 

If you are the type of traveller that likes to holiday in more unknown locations, Montenegro could be your perfect next trip.