Canary island holidays

 The Canary Islands are famed for their year round warm weather and infinite beaches but this diverse region has something to offer visitors of all types. This is thanks to a fascinating culture that is a blend of European and Latin American influences, as well a diverse range of some of Europe’s most stunning natural settings. 

Different islands are home to their own distinct character. Whilst Gran Canaria and La Gomera are best for those looking to dive into the cultural side of the Canary Islands, Tenerife can be considered more suited to visitors looking for a vibrant nightlife scene. Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape makes for for a truly unique experience, and if you are after a more relaxing getaway, Fuerteventura and La Palma are unrivalled. 

Which island will you choose?

Which island is right for my trip?

Fuerteventura- This is the perfect island for those looking for a mixture of long days on the beach, exhilarating water sports as well as an island that comes to life once the sun goes down thanks to a vibrant nightlife. 

Lanzarote- A family focussed island that is home to number of more of more relaxing resorts, perfect for those who are looking to disconnect. The island is also unique thanks to a volcanic landscape that is more reminiscent of a lunar surface than a European getaway. 

Gran Canaria- This island is famed for its iconic beaches with endless sand dunes that line the Atlantic shore. The hillside villages blend into a stunning landscape and are home to a culture that blends Iberian and Latin American culture. 

Tenerife- The largest of the Canary Islands is a stunning mixture of beautiful beaches, tropical forest, volcanic mountains, and awe-inspiring cliffs. It is the perfect setting for those looking to get out and explore.

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