Venice City Breaks

City Breaks in Venice

Perhaps one of the most romantic and iconic destinations in the world, Venice is a definite must-see for anyone looking to experience a truly unique city and relax in style.

It’s set on a cluster of 117 islands, all interlaced with canals and joined up with beautiful bridges. This World Heritage Site has a history that stretches right back through the centuries, and it’s regarded as a major destination for architecture and art, making it the perfect spot for any culture enthusiasts.

But the spirit and atmosphere of this gorgeous place can be enjoyed by everyone, infectious in its charm and intriguing with its hidden little secrets and interesting past. So it’s little wonder that it’s captured the imagination of many writers, filmmakers and artists over the centuries and continues to do so, from Shakespeare to Anne Rice.

Exploring the city

Perhaps the best way to see the city sights is to get out on foot, nipping into to gelato places along the way, or even dropping into a Venetian bar to sample some local wine.

You could also hop onto a gondola and travel along the Grand Canal in real style, cross over to St Mark’s Square to soak up the atmosphere, or climb to the top of the Campanile to take in the city panorama.


Venice culture

It might be that your perfect city break in Venice involves spending a long afternoon browsing the shops along the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco, or visiting some of the city’s museums. Whatever your ideal day looks like, you won’t be disappointed.

Museums like the Basilica of St Mark are well worth checking out. Not only is it a famous church, it also houses stunning marble carvings. Doge’s Palace is a great place if you fancy wandering through grand Venetian halls and wondering at gorgeous frescoed walls. The Venice Academy Gallery Museum of Art is a top venue too, and for a cultured evening, try the Venice Opera House.



There is no shortage of great, authentic Italian restaurants in Venice, so make sure to get out and explore as many as you can.

Some top choices vary from the completely laid-back to the more formal eateries, including Hostaria Vecio Biavarol, Dal Moro's - Fresh Pasta to Go, Ristorante Alle Corone and Prosciutto E Parmigiano, so have a good look at what’s around you to find your new favourite place.