London City Breaks

London City Breaks 

London truly is a melting pot of world cultures. The ability of the city to attract communities from across the globe has established it as a cultural hub where tradition and modernity collide to create a city that is constantly evolving whilst retaining the charm that attracts over 20 million tourists each year. 

London is a city of contrasts that offers an almost unmatched offering. Whether you are after authentic fish and chips or the best ceviche outside of Peru, a pint at pubs where some of history’s most famous figures used to drink or a cocktail at the top of the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, you will find it here.

First time visitors may choose to opt for iconic main attractions such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. However, even for the most seasoned visitors, the distinct character of London’s sprawling boroughs, from Hampstead to Hoxton will mean you discover something totally new that keeps you coming back for more.

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